Ashram Munivara is not a yoga retreat centre or retreat hotel, it is a spiritual centre (Ashram).
Student House room rates:

    • 210,000 rp per night share room
    • Includes ashram puja events, yoga & breakfast


What to Bring if you staying at our Student House

    • White tops covering the shoulders
    • Yellow dress code for 13th July only
    • Non slip sandals
    • Comfortable, modest yoga clothes
    • Small torch
    • Mosquito repellant
    • Rain coat or umbrella (seasonal rains)
    • Health and travel insurance
    • Toiletries

Not Included in general stay

    • Lunch & Dinner – We do not provided at the ashram but there are places to eat such as Ojas Prana located at the front car park of the ashram.
    • Any Transport – Transport can be arranged on your own or contact Om Ham Retreat located across the road from the ashram.
    • Ashram dress – Ashram dress is available at the Ashram shop.
    • Yoga with Guru – we do not arrange these classes please contact the venue (Ubud Bodyworks and Om Ham Retreat.


There is a weekly yoga class scheduled at the ashram Yoga Shalla at 5pm. The Ashram students are the instructors, each bringing their individual personality and yoga instructing techniques to provide interest and variety.

The Yoga Shalla is located in the lower garden section of the ashram grounds, next to the student house kitchen and student house. Modest, comfortable yoga wear is appreciated.

    • Please Note: Yoga on Wednesdays is catered for local Balinese and No yoga on Sundays.
  • The ashram yoga classes are free for all student house guests (included within the rates).


The Ashram has many shrines located in the sacred sanctum grounds and these shrines  require all ashram guests to adhere to the correct etiquette. To enter the sacred sanctum (holy site) you will need to wear ashram dress which is available for purchase at the ashram shop. The student house is located outside of the Ashram Munivara sacred sanctum areas so you can wear modest casual attire in the garden, yoga shalla, soccer field, student house and garden areas.


Puja is conducted in accordance with the Balinese calendar, generally every 5 days, with the exception of Full Moon, New Moon and other auspicious holy days.

Details of upcoming ashram ceremony dates are listed on our website. For the specific name of the Pujas and their corresponding dates, please see the Calendar.


All Meals are available at Ojas Prana Cafe. See our link for meals on this website.
Breakfast is included in the general student house rate and special packages for personal retreat.


Transport is not included. We recommend you contact Om Ham Retreat, located across the road from the ashram,, for airport pick up or transfers or try social media for transport contacts around Ubud area.


Payment will need to be made within YOUR STAY at the ashram. We prefer Cash if possible. Any credit card payments cannot be accepted at the ashram as we do not have credit card facilities.
Therefore if you need to pay by credit card you will need to go to Ubud Bodyworks Centre with a staff member or payment slip (invoice) to request payment by credit card at least 2 days before departure.


Women who may get their menstruation during ashram stay will not be able to join the puja events up to  3 days of the menstruation cycle.  You may join yoga or other events that are not held inside the sacred sanctum of the Ashram. Please see etiquettefor more information or e mail our female coordinator for inquiries.


A daily schedule is available for all visitors. Attendance is mandatory (unless otherwise stated) for those staying at the student house. Outside visitors may join by donation.


we require these details because our rooms are based on gender and there may not be a space available depending if you are female or male even though we may have bed space available.

Check in time: We need to know your time of arrival. The Ashram is large and we need to know where you are and when you are coming.