5 Day Ashram Retreat any date of your choice!

This retreat is a personal retreat anytime throughout the year. It is a good introduction to Ashram activities. Personal Retreats are the most spacious way to spend time at the Ashram. During your stay, enjoy the benefits of yoga class, evening puja, japa, walking meditation as well as contribute to the ashram by doing daily Karma Yoga. The rest of the day is yours to reflect and renew.

Personal Retreat includes:

4 nights Accommodation

Ashram Munivara’s dorm style accommodation is open for guests & disciples from around the world. The retreat will include 4 nights accommodation in our student house share rooms. Room availability are based on gender.

Ashram Journey and Orientation

Our Ashram staff will orientate you on Day One with an Ashram Journey and give you an Ashram gift pack with 2 ashram sarongs as well as mala beads (prayer beads), Cd and Ashram T shirt.

Morning Practice / Sadhana

Guided morning Sadhana with an Ashram devotee include walking meditation and chanting.
Morning Sadhana: Tuesdays & Friday / 7am until finish.

Ashram Puja / Ceremonies

Ashram puja is performed with sacred dance, chanting devotional songs to God & meditation. Puja is usually lead by the Guru of the Ashram with disciples every 5 days on the Balinese calendar day called “Kliwon”, Full Moon and New Moon days. Puja is open for everyone to join and you will be able to join at least one or more of our regular puja events depending on corresponding dates you choose for your retreat.

Ojas Prana Cafe  (Meals)

Ojas Prana cafe is a separately owned business located at the main Ashram entrance. Ojas works in affiliation with the Ashram and offer our Ashram guests meals

Blessing Kundalini Tantra

Blessing Kundalini Tantra Yoga is only held at Om Ham Retreat and is given by the Guru of Ashram Munivara. Om Ham is a venue founded by the Guru but it is not managed by Ashram Munivara. Therefore we only give a voucher within this personal retreat for one class only.

Yoga Meals

Daily Breakfast will be served at Ojas Prana as well as 2 Dinners and 2 Lunches.

Ashram Yoga 

Yoga at the ashram is at 5pm till 6:30pm / No Yoga on Wednesdays or Sundays

Retreat does not Include:

  • Transport
  • Additional Sarongs and white top
  • Toiletries
  • Use of any of Om Ham retreat facilities
  • Treatments with the Guru
  • Other yoga classes at Ubud Bodyworks or Om Ham

If  you need treatment with the Guru please book through Ubud Bodyworks Centre.
We do not manage Om Ham or Ubud bodyworks therefore please contact the venue directly.
Please read the terms and conditions of Ashram stay.

You will need to Bring:

  • Modest clothing for casual days, yoga & karma yoga clothes
  • Water bottle (refill)
  • Raincoat or umbrella
  • Non slip sandals
  • Mosquito repellent
  • Flash light
  • Sufficient funds
  • Additional white tops covering the shoulders
  • Food needed for special diets
  • Personal supplies such as toiletries (shampoo, conditions, soap, etc)

RETREAT PRICE : 1,970,000Rp

Retreat date choice:
Must include Sunday as this day only is available for the Blessing Kundalini Tantra Yoga class held at Om Ham Retreat with the master and Guru of Ashram Munivara.