Ashram in Sanskrit (Pasraman in Indonesian) means a hermitage, monastic community, or place of spiritual learning, practice and retreat. Muni in Sanskrit means Yogi or Saint and Vara means one who is the best, excellent or The Ultimate.

Ashram Munivara was established on the 10th of July 2006 and is part of many Jnana Buda Siwa Ashrams in Indonesia. It is a place of worship for locals and foreigners where we practice Tantra, Yantra and Mantra as a way to come to the Supreme Lord (Shiva).

A place to learn Bhakti, Jnana, Raja and Karma Yoga through puja, spiritual dance, meditation, fasting, chanting, yoga (asanas) and so on. Tantra is a way to God realisation and to help to enhance positive energy. Tantra, Mantra and Yantra is practiced at Ashram Munivara which are based on Universal teachings of Lord Shiva.

We teach a full spectrum of the yogic (spiritual) path not just asanas (postures). Our aim is to give students an experience including yoga (asanas), puja and japa (recitation of mantra).


In general, the knowledge of Buda (Budha) is the knowledge that comes from within and the knowledge of Siwa (Shiva) is how to materialise the spiritual knowledge into Yadnya.

Basically this means:
Buda Siwa knowledge is known as JNANA BUDA SIWA. The word Jnana means knowledge, Buda is God within oneself which is called Atman while the meaning of Siwa is God without or similar to Micro and Macro cosmos.

Someone who has firm and determined Bhakti is fully aware of the Atman within themselves so the Holy knowledge will grow within. This Holy knowledge affects the mind where all brilliant ideas grow and are realised as Yadnya.


Ashram Munivara is located near Ubud town centre. Ubud is the Yoga centre and mecca for yoga people around the world. Ubud is also well known as a traditional art and culture centre. Ashram Munivara is set in a village called Junjungan, 7 km north of Ubud town centre.


Tirta Tawar Road/Banjar Junjungan
(5 km North from Ubud Main Road)