Ashram Munivara is a Spiritual Yoga Centre

Yoga means Union with God. All existence come from God, while the Atman is God within the human body. Whenever a person connects themselves to God there is a Union between Atman and God, this person has attained Yoga. A person who attains yoga enjoys peace within and all kinds of sensory bonds vanish. Feeling all the Divine’s presence in all God’s creation.

The word Yoga comes from the word YUG which means related or unification,

Yoga is a linking or unity of individual soul with God.

All forms of yoga are taught at the Ashram. Various yoga techniques are combined to maintain health and balance in our daily life. This involves breath awareness, awareness of the chakras, relaxation and eliminating tension in the our bodies. The true practice of yoga is when someone is willing to undergo further effort and offer themselves for the benefit of many other people. There are various types of yoga methods to bring us to oneness with the Supreme Lord.

Yoga asana’s

Yoga (asanas) classes at the Ashram are a good form of practice to harmonise the system of the physical, mental, emotional, pyschic and spiritual aspects as well. Yoga classes at the Ashram run daily at 5pm starting from October 1st 2018. Yoga classes are taught by the disciples of the Guru. The style of yoga at the Ashram focuses on Surya Namaskar combined with other forms of yoga asana’s.

Blessing Kundalini Tantra Yoga classes with the Guru

During the spiritual process when Guru blesses the disciples through the Shiva dvara (crown chakra), Guru awakens the Kundalini which resides at the base chakra. The awakening of the first, second and third chakras may happen without the assistance from a Guru, however, bear in mind the awakening will also be followed by the awakening of desire and emotion.

Blessing Kundalini Tantra Yoga classes with the Guru is only held at Om Ham Retreat and Ubud Bodyworks Centre. Please book these classes with the Venue and not through Ashram.