Student House Ashram Munivara

Student House Ashram Munivara

There are 4 x 3 bed dormitory style rooms. Each room has western style en suite bathroom facilities with a hot shower. The Student House is located behind the main Ashram inner sanctum in a serene forest environment.

The Ashram’s Student House has been built to accommodate those who wish to undertake spiritual studies at a deeper level. This accommodation is available for either individual guests or students participating in group retreats. Men and women do not share the same room. The Student House is not a holiday hotel. If you wish to stay at the Ashram there are some Student House rules that must be followed. You must participate in Ashram activities and practices but you may choose the activities and practices you do. See also Custom.

Individual Guests or Retreaters: Guests or retreaters can stay at the Ashram’s Student House any time during the year, subject to room availability and activities. Guests and retreaters have the opportunity to participate in Ashram activities and spiritual practices either together with Ashram members or do self-guided practices. Student House guests need to organise their own daily program and also manage their own transport and laundry. There is a laundry man who comes to the Ashram for laundry delivery services.

Kitchen Facilities : There is a fully equipped communal kitchen available for students to prepare their own meals. Students can purchase food in the Ubud town centre and transport it to Ashram Munivara.

A refrigerator is provided for storage of perishable food items. Guests must clean their own room as well as the common kitchen which is situated adjacent to the Student House.

Meals: Ojas Prana provide breakfast for student house guests. Please bring your breakfast voucher to Ojas Prana to receive your meal. Breakfast Hours apply. Other meals or additional items will need to be purchased and paid for at Ojas Prana separately.