Puja (worship)

Puja helps us celebrate the Divine and uplifts our spirit and soul.

By doing Puja, we remember and celebrate/praise the Supreme Lord as well as remove our negative thoughts. It brings positive energy, peace of mind, prosperity and enables us to more clearly touch Holiness, our true nature.

Special Pujas are performed at the Ashram on full moon, new moon and other auspicious Balinese energy days called kajeng kliwon and kliwon days to worship, pay homage and make offerings to the Universal Mother/ Father and all their attributes.

Full Moon Puja (Purnama)

Ceremony on full moon is very important because the Sakti, Mother energy of the Universe, is rising and moving. You can more easily receive the energy and potentially your kundalini may rise more quickly. Here the moon is reflecting the sun’s energy 100%. The moon is taking the energy from the sun and reflecting it down to the earth to move the energy for the people. This is like the father who supplies the mother with the money to buy food for the children (father sun, mother moon).

New Moon Puja (Tilem)

On the 15th day after the full moon the moon becomes invisible in the sky- this is the dark night of the moon. When there is new moon the sun is on the bottom of the planet and you sit on top of it, so straight away you get connected with the Sakti power or kundalini through the base chakra. At new moon the kundalini is able to rise more quickly.

Kliwon – Reg Puja

Kliwon in the Balinese çaka (saka) calendar are special energy balancing days occurring every 5 days. On kliwon it is good to do spiritual practices because the energy from Mother Earth is very close and strong. Kliwon days are especially important in Ashram Munivara to assist the disciple as the Sakti energy facilitates quick process and purification.

Kajeng Kliwon Puja

Kajeng kliwon takes place every third kliwon (15 days). The energy is high so we do puja (ceremony) on these days. Mother/Sakti energy on kajeng kliwon days connects the sun, moon, earth, planets and stars so we receive the sakti energy of the Universe. This energy makes you very sharp.