Nyepi Day / Balinese New Year – 7th March 2019

Nyepi is the Balinese New Year where everything literally stops which means no cars, motor bikes and the Airport is closed on the Nyepi Day. All people are not permitted to go out into the streets and there are fines for those who do not respect this rule. On This day Ashram devotees practice silence and fasting to celebrate the new year.

Ashram 4 day Nyepi Retreat

Ashram Munivara hold a 4 day Nyepi retreat. Guests will be required to join a program so to best orientate themselves and prepare for the Nyepi  day of silence and fasting. The local Balinese devotees of the Ashram will join on 6th March after the Ogoh Ogoh parade. We will start prayer together before fasting and silence which will begin at midnight on the 6th.

Retreat dates – 5th – 8th March 2019

DAY ONE: 5th March

  • Check into the Ashram Student House
  • Orientation
  • 5pm Yoga
  • Dinner
  • Evening prayer

Lunch and Dinner can be on your own at Ojas Prana cafe and payed for on the day. Ashram costume will be supplied on orientation session and consist of a 2 sarongs, male beads and one t shirt.

DAY TWO: 6th March (New Moon)

  • 7am Morning walking meditation (wiswa)
  • 9am breakfast
  • Discussion and preparation for Nyepi Day
  • Rest
  • 5pm – Ubud town centre for the Ogoh Ogoh parade
  • Return to Ashram after the parade (9-10pm)
  • Late evening prayer together to begin silence and fasting
  • Midnight silence and fasting begins

DAY THREE: 7th March

Nyepi Day – Silence and Fasting

  • 5am (Sunrise) meditation and Japa
  • walking meditation
  • rest and wash
  • Karma yoga (sweeping the grounds or general cleaning)
  • 12am (Midday) prayer, meditation and japa
  • rest and wash
  • Afternoon walking meditation
  • 6pm (Sunset) prayer, meditation and japa
  • 7pm meditation
  • Rest or open fast
  • Midnight meditation and japa
  • Sleep

On this evening of the Nyepi day locals and guest participants are recommended to sleep in the ashram grounds and inner sanctum of the ashram with a yoga mat, small pillow and blanket or cover of your choice. Locals will be dressed in ashram attire and sleep in their ashram attire on the floor. Sleeping bags allowed.

DAY FOUR: 8th March

  • 5am Closing Ceremony and Agni Hotra – gather together at the inner sanctum for the closing ceremony and Agni Hotra with the Guru of the Ashram.
  • Talking and singing commences when the bell is rung.
  • Breakfast
  • Rest or check out

If you are on a fruit fast or vegetarian fast meals can be taken after prayer. The Guru will give blessings during the retreat which could be anytime during the Nyepi days.

Day Before Nyepi and OGOH OGOH PARADE (6th March)

Ogoh Ogoh are monster like statues that are carried by the young people through the streets of Bali in a parade. The central location for the largest (and most popular) ogoh-ogoh parade in Ubud is at the soccer field on Monkey Forest Rd. Head there around 5pm to see the incredible sculptures. Each village is getting more and more competitive every year in the creation of their elaborate monsters. The ogoh-ogoh’s are usually (arrangements may change each year) paraded on the soccer field and then carried down Monkey Forest Road where they ‘compete’ against one another in a simulated fight.

Due to the ogoh ogoh parade there will not be our regular new moon puja. The Ashram local disciples come to the Ashram after the ogoh ogoh parade around 10pm and stay overnight to join the practice of silence, fasting, meditation and inward reflection on the silent day. Silence and fasting begins at 12 midnight.

Nyepi Day – New Years Day and day of silence and fasting (7th March)

No lights, cooking or fire, cars, motor bikes and people out in the streets starts at 5am on the Nyepi day and finishes at 5am the following morning. This day in the Ashram we practice silence, fasting and meditation. There will be a choice of fasting methods as well as considering any health issues. No talking, reading, writing or texting on phones, no social media allowed from midnight of the 6th till closing ceremony on the 8th March.

Closing Ceremony on the following morning (8th March) 

Agni Hotra (fire puja) is practiced on the following morning in the Ashram at 5am to close the Nyepi day of silences and fasting. The closing puja is lead by the Guru of the Ashram.

Retreat details, availability and bookings: e mail us for all retreat information

Program Price: 1,050,000 Rp