Nyepi Retreat

Nyepi is the Balinese New Year. Bali is the only place in the world where everything literally stops which means no cars, motor bikes and the Airport is closed on the Nyepi Day. Emergency services are still available. All people are not permitted to go out into the streets and there are fines for those who do not respect this rule.

There are four main Nyepi prohibitions; Amati Geni (no fire, light, electricity), Amati Karya (no working), Amati Lelunganan (no travelling), Amati Leanguan (Fasting and no entertainment).

Day Before Nyepi (OGOH OGOH PARADE)

Ogoh Ogoh are monster like statues that are carried by the young people through the streets of Bali in a parade. The central location for the largest (and most popular) ogoh-ogoh parade in Ubud is at the soccer field on Monkey Forest Rd. Head there around 5pm to see the incredible sculptures. Each village is getting more and more competitive every year in the creation of their elaborate monsters. The ogoh-ogoh’s are usually (arrangements may change each year) paraded on the soccer field and then carried down Monkey Forest Road where they ‘compete’ against one another in a simulated fight.

Due to the ogoh ogoh parade there will not be our regular new moon puja. The Ashram local disciples come to the Ashram after the ogoh ogoh parade around 10pm and stay overnight to join the practice of silence, fasting, meditation and inward reflection on the silent day. Silence and fasting begins at 12 midnight.

Day of Nyepi

No lights, cooking or fire, cars, motor bikes and people out in the streets starts at 5am on the Nyepi day and finishes at 5am the following morning. This day in the Ashram we practice silence, fasting and meditation.

Following Morning of Nyepi

Agni Hotra (fire puja) is practiced on the following morning in the Ashram at 5am to close the Nyepi day of silences and fasting. The closing puja is lead by the Guru of the Ashram.


Ashram Munivara holds a retreat for foreigners to prepare them for the Nyepi Day of silence. The four day retreat includes orientation and preparation for the Nyepi Day as well as the practices such as walking meditation and japa.

Retreat details, availability and bookings: e mail us for all retreat information