Nyepi (last Day for Check in)

2019-03-05 14:00 - 14:00

Nyepi : check in Date 4th or 5th March

On the Nyepi Day Bali shuts down that means no cars, planes, people out in the streets and no shops open. For those wanting to join Nyepi day of silence at the Ashram it is best to book into the ashram on the 4th or 5th March to start preparations and learn what you need to do over the Nyepi silent day.

Last student house check in for Nyepi will be on the 5th March before 2pm

No student house check ins will be taken on the 6th March due to the traffic conditions and ogoh ogoh parade.


  • 4th March: Nyepi participants Check in any time after 2pm
  • 5th March: Nyepi participants Check in any time before 2pm
  • 6th March: 7am Morning walking meditation
  • 6th March: 5/6pm Ogoh Ogoh Parade in centre of Ubud town square and football field. participants must arrange own transport into town and back to ashram by 10pm.
  • 7th March: All Day Of Silence and Fasting
  • 8th March: 5am Agni Hotra and closing ceremony for Nyepi

Staying at the ashram:

  • Nyepi Retreat participants Must check in on the 4th after 2pm or 5th before 2pm.
  • After the Ogoh Ogah parade around 9:30/10pm  start for prayer to begin the Nyepi silent day.
  • No one is to leave the ashram on Nyepi Day
  • Silent and fasting
  • Nyepi closing ceremony : Following day after Nyepi at 5am with Agni Hotra lead by the Guru of the Ashram.

All who wish to partake must e mail for bookings.