Nyepi participants only

2019-03-06 19:30 - 22:30

Event: Preparation for Nyepi and late night New Moon puja to start Fasting and silence.

  • Time: 10pm (puja for those who are joining Nyepi only)
  • Dress Code: White Ashram Attire
  • Ashram sarong: Rental or sarong purchase is available at the Ashram shop

Tonight is the night for OGOH OGOH parade in the Ubud town centre. Therefore puja will not be on for the general public. Those who wish to join Nyepi will start puja around 10pm and at 11pm prayers will commence for the start of Nyepi silent and fasting day (7th March).

Only those who are willing to stay overnight in the ashram for 2 nights will be permitted to join.

Note: Must sleep in the ashram grounds from the 6th and 7th March