Galungan & Kliwon-Reg Puja

2020-09-16 19:30 - 2020-09-19 22:30

Event: Galungan & Kliwon – Regular Puja

  • Time: Evening 
  • Dress Code: White Ashram attire
  • Ashram sarong rental available at the ashram co op shop

Galungan is the celebration of Good over Evil. On this day most Balinese go home to their villages to celebrate and spend time with family as well as go to their local temples. There maybe a small gathering of bhaktas at the Ashram for puja and there may not be the full puja as usual.

Kliwon in the Balinese çaka (saka) calendar are special energy balancing days occurring every 5 days. On kliwon it is good to do spiritual practices because the energy from Mother Earth is very close and strong. Kliwon days are especially important in Ashram Munivara to assist the disciple as the śakti energy facilitates quick process and purification.