You maybe unfamiliar with some of the local traditional customs or Ashram customs so a few tips below can help you.

Respectful dress code – see information below.

  • Please wear a sash with your sarong.
  • Take off shoes and sandals when entering the Ashram sacred sanctum.
  • Practice self-awareness. All thoughts, speech and action should be about spiritual topics in order to keep the purity and sanctity of the Ashram.
  • Camera, money or other expensive items should be locked safely away or brought upstairs with you.
  • Do not wear your sarong as a scarf.

Ashram Rule for women who are menstruating :

Please do not enter any Holy room (Kamar Suci) or any of the Ashram’s inner sanctums nor engage in any ceremonies or spiritual practices from the 1st day of one’s menstruation till the flow is light and coming to an end. This maybe, depending on one’s individual menstruation flow, the 3rd, 4th or 5th day of the cycle.

What if I get my menstruation whilst staying at the Student House?

Ladies please e mail the Western lady coordinator for more advice about menstruation !!!

Why do I need to follow this ?

The etiquette in Bali for woman and men is to contain negative or unbalanced emotions whilst engaging in ceremony or spiritual practice in a local temple or sacred spiritual gathering. During a woman’s period cycle the emotional level is usually out of balance and may affect others energetically. Also in tradition the ladies tie up their hair to eliminate any hair that may fall in the temple grounds. This relates to anything dead or excreted from the body that may fall into the temple grounds. The dropping of blood, hair etc..

Such is the etiquette in Bali in keeping a sacred space..
By honoring a tradition means you honor the sanctity of a holy place.
We thank you for honoring the Balinese peoples tradition.

General guests visiting the Ashram are permitted to wear :

  • White short or long sleeved top that covers the shoulders (blouses, t-shirt or shirt). No singlet or tank tops. You may wear any colour top if you dont have white as long as it is respectful and it is covering the shoulders.
  • White long skirts covering the knees (must be modest, plain skirts) with a sash for around the waist Or white traditional puja wear for those following a spiritual tradition and spiritual religious dress.
  • White ashram sarong with a white top or Kebaya (Balinese top) for women.
  • Men can choose to wear a Saput (Balinese wrap).
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