Wear a Sash and a Sarong (preferably white)
Entering into the sacred temple areas requires a Sarong and sash.

Cover your shoulders and knees
Ashram respects Balinese traditions and the Ashram is also a place of worship for local people. Therefore please wear modest clothing.

Please do not wear your sarong as a shawl
It is best that a sarong is worn in a neat way and around your waist.

Sarong rental or Ashram dress for purchase
Sarongs are available for rent at the ashram shop or you can purchase a sarong and Ashram T shirt.

Please come with good thoughts, speech and action…any inquiries are welcome.


Take off your foot wear when entering the ashram

There is a shoe stand where you can place your sandals or shoes.

Dont enter the ashram sacred sanctum if you are bleeding

Ashram follow local Balinese cultural laws. You shouldn’t enter the sacred sanctum whilst menstruation or bleeding wounds. If you have any inquiries about this please e mail the western co ordinator.

Pay respect to all the shrines in the ashram by following ‘the way to enter the ashram’.

Visit each shrine to pay respect and chant the Mantra ‘Om Namah Shiva Ya’ 3 times then continue to the next shrine.


Do not take photos inside the sacred sanctum of the ashram or during ceremonies. Sacred energy should be protected.

Donations are welcome

The ashram requires to serve the people and loves your support. There is a donation box up at the main prayer pavilion.

Dont point your feet towards holy shrines

When praying you should cross your legs or kneel. You can straighten your legs if you have a cramp by pointing them away from the shrines.

Guru consultations

A consultation with the Guru is available. These are not private and cannot be booked. We may suggest the day and time thats possible but subject to change.


Available at the Ashram co op shop

Price : 75,000 -125,000Rp


Available at the Ashram co op shop

Price : 20,000 Rp