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Email Us at info@ashrammunivara.org :

Explaining briefly why you wish to stay at the ashram and send your booking form details.
During ceremony days we cannot receive people after 4pm. Please either arrive the day before or the following day.

Ashram regulations

The main regulations of the ashram are :

  • You will be asked, by the Ashram Manager,to carry out karma yoga activities (e.g. cleaning the kitchen, gardening, cleaning your room, sweeping the ashram grounds) as part of your yoga practice here.
  • No alcohol or non prescription drugs are to be taken.
  • Smoking is not allowed within the ashram grounds.
  • No candles or incense are to be burned inside the rooms
  • No food are to be eaten within the ashram inner sanctum area.
  • Inappropriate behavior will not be tolerated and such behaviour may result in you being required to leave the ashram
  • If you have any problems, your first line of communication is with the Ashram Manager.
  • Please be aware of others who you maybe sharing with and observe room discipline and consideration of others.