ashram-about-1Ashram means a hermitage, monastic community, or other place of spiritual retreat. Ashram Munivara is for the aspirant to materialize a harmonious and peaceful life within the self, nature and the community.

At the Ashram we practice tantra, yantra and mantra as a way to come to the Supreme Lord (Shiva). Doing Puja, spiritual dance, meditation, fasting, chanting, Yoga and so on are all forms of tantra that help to enhance positive energy. The spiritual practices, taught by the Guru of Ashram Munivara, Sri Jaya Sakti (Sri Guru), are based on teachings of Lord Shiva. These teachings have been passed down his spiritual lineage to him from Guru to Guru (Param-Param).

Munivara means “The Yogi who gives great service“.“He is truly great who greatly serves

What is Jnana Buda Siwa?

  • Jnana Buda Siwa – Bali
  • Jnana Budha Shiva – Sanskrit

Meaning : Jnana – knowledge, Buda – from inside himself or herself (Soul or Atman), Siwa – the realisation of knowledge from inside oneself, goes outside of the self, or in other words, is put into action.